God is good all the time

4 Febbraio 2016
04 Feb 2016

Scritta da: P. Overstreet, Don J. L. Moen

       Re           Si-
God is good all the time
         Sol                    La
He put a song of praise In this heart of mine
       Re           Si-
God is good all the time
through the darkest night
His light will shine
        Sol	  La           Re
God is good, God is good all the time

            La 		    Si-
If you are walking through the valley
           Sol           Si-   La
there are shadows all around.
       Fa#-         Si-
Do not fear He will guide you
        Sol               La
He will keep you safe and sound,
       Mi-               La
He has promised to never leave you,
nor for sake you
        Sol     La
and His word is true

We were sinners
so unworthy
still for us he chose to die,
He filled us
with His holy spirit
now we can stand and testify
that his love
is everlasting
and his mercies
They will never end

           Si-            Fa#-4/7
Though I may not understand
           La-7            Mi-
All the plans you have for me
   Sib             Fa
My life is in your hands
                La7/4    Fa#-7/4
And through the eyes of faith
         Sol    La
I can clearly see.

Rit. + 1 Tono

La 	              Si
God is good, He is so good (3 v)
        Mi   La  Mi
all the time